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The Value of Difference

"Just as gender is more than chromosomes and race is more than skin color, disability is more than an individual impairment" (Ferguson & Nusbaum, E., 2012). This course will go through all forms of disabilities. You will get to know how local schools are dealing with the differ issues both at an educational and legal level. The course will also provide you with tools to foster inclusivity and to create an environment in which non-disabled students can work with disabled ones in order to know each other better and to learn to appreciate their differences. 



Our courses, developed in the framework established by the Erasmus+ Programme, are crafted to include both formal and non-formal education methodologies. Starting with a theoretical approach to the theme of the course, we proceed with non-formal learning strategies in order to guarantee and stimulate an active contribution from the participants involved. In practice, we use:


Presentations; Analysis of study cases; Discussions in the classroom; Role-plays; Technical visits to local private and public institutions; Conferences with local professionals to exchange good practices; Job shadowing experiences; Workshops to rethink old practices and introduce new ones.


  • to acquire basic knowledge about disability in all of its forms and shapes;

  • to learn about how Italian schools deal with disabilities;

  • to exchange best practices with Italian teachers and/or tutors;

  • to rethink your current school system to make it more inclusive;


Day 1 – Arrival

  • Participants will be transferred to their accommodation in Avezzano


Day 2 – Focus on

  • 09.30: Meet & Greet Session

Presentation of AMFI International programs, main activities and staff

  • 10,30: Visit and guided tour to the high school “Liceo Artistico Belisario”

Lesson on the Italian School System & overview of practical cases

  • Cultural visit: A walk around Avezzano city center. Visit to “Piazza Risorgimento” Square and its Cathedral “Cattedrale di S. Bartolomeo”


Day 3 – Learning to Adapt

  • 10,30 Trip walking around Celano and visit to the “Piccolomini” Castle and to the Museum “Museo dell’arte sacra”

  • 15.00: Disability at school: statistics and evolution

 Curricular adaptations in schools: Focus on Dyslexia


Day 4 – Put Yourself in my Shoes

  • 10,30 Short class about inclusive education

Coffee Break

Workshop: Put yourself in my shoes

  • 15.00 Cultural visit: Visit to Alba Fucens


Day 5 – How can we proceed?

  • 11.00 Guided visit to the High School “Istituto Tecnico Statale per il Turismo” in Tagliacozzo

Roundtable: Inclusive Education

  • Visit to Tagliacozzo city center


Day 6 – Functional diversity

  • 10,30 Visit to a local High School & meeting with an assistant teacher

  • 15.00 Final evaluations

Delivery of Certificates of Attendance


Day 7 – Departure day

  • Departure of participants


If you are a group of 4 or more people we can organize the course when suits you best.


- Language used: English. 

To receive more info please contact us at


I enjoyed my staying in Celano and the courses organized by AMFI from which I gained many new and interesting things concerning disability. The training program was well elaborated.


I enjoyed very much my staying in Celano city. I liked the courses organized by AMFI, the information was interesting, the visits to the high schools were very useful. 


I liked the course very much. We had the opportunity of understanding different perspectives about disability. We had the chance to explore also different methods of teaching and inclusion.

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