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New Call for Partners Erasmus+ KA1- VET


Erasmus plus KA1 - VET Mobility

Applicant Organisation:

AMFI International

Project Name:

“NOMoS” – New Organizational and Managerial Skills for Legal Assistants

Description of the project:

This project wants to train professionals to be employed within legal firms though a mobility project meant to provide them with the necessary linguistic, theoretical and practical background. The business role acquired though this experience would be that of a law firm secretary. This professional is able to integrate traditional legal skills with basic computer knowledge to deal with the technological innovations applied to the law field (certified e-mail system, notifications, on-line civil trial). This is a professional who is able to master skills geared from all legal contexts with special reference to the public administration, the judiciary, notarial offices, law firms and the legislative field as a whole. The role of this professional will be a primary one in the overall organization of the law firm, assisting in the management of assets and customers both from an administrative and relational point of view.

Areas of Interest:

English as a common language plus other language of the country of destination - Computer Basics - Business 101 - Concepts of labor and union law - Health and safety in the workplace - Communication Tools in a professional office - organization and management of work schedule - customer management Techniques - elements of Civil and Procedural Law - elements of Criminal Procedural Law - Electronic certified e-mail system - notifications - the on-line civil trial - Code of Conduct - Equal Opportunities.

Target group of the project:

Young graduates (high-school diploma) within one year from graduation and Italian residents.

Requested Partners:

Law firms, notarial offices, legal departments in businesses, legal offices within associations, legal departments of public authorities and public administrations.

Note for partners:

If you are interested in becoming our partners please send us the following documents to


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