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WOMEN VOICES: A Project on Work-life Balance in Europe.

Concluded today the Erasmus+ KA347 "Women Voices" project, which saw about 50 young people, experts and political decision-makers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Bulgaria and Lithuania, come together in Celano on the subject of women's welfare in Europe.

During the four days of activity, participants talked about to the situation of women's welfare in their own countries by presenting some preparatory activities work they had to do as part of the project, including some interviews with women and mothers. Subsequently, divided into four thematic groups - family, health, work, and education - they discussed and elaborated concrete policy reforms, which were then put on the final poster, which will be brought to the attention of the European Commission and EIGE.

A special thank you goes to all our foreign partners who have assisted AMFI in managing the project groups and activities. The project ended with the signature of the final manifesto at the Town Council Room of the Municipality of Celano.

All participants received the Certificate of Attendance and the Youthpass, a European attestation of non-formal skills certification.

If you want to become our partner in one of our next projects, send us your PIF at


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