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on STEM education

STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary way. Instead of teaching the above mentioned disciplines as separate subjects, STEM integrates them into real-world applications. This course will give you a better understanding of STEM and how to transform your teaching accordingly. 



Our courses, developed in the framework established by the Erasmus+ Programme, are crafted to include both formal and non-formal education methodologies. Starting with a theoretical approach to the theme of the course, we proceed with non-formal learning strategies in order to guarantee and stimulate an active contribution from the participants involved. In practice, we use:


Presentations; Analysis of study cases; Discussions in the classroom; Role-plays; Technical visits to local private and public institutions; Conferences with local professionals to exchange good practices; Job shadowing experiences; Workshops to rethink old practices and introduce new ones.


  • Raise awareness on the importance on STEM Education discussing all its characteristics;

  • Explore and discover the benefits that the STEM Education can foster;

  • Help participants aknowledge all the different ways in which the STEM Education can be implemented in everyday learning;

  • Furnish easy and accessible tools to apply the STEM Education to revolutionize your current teaching strategy;

  • Create a cross-cultural exchange and understanding with local colleagues on the benefits that the STEM Education can give and the ways in which can be best applied.


Day 1 – Arrival

  • Participants will be transferred from the airport to the accommodation in Avezzano

  • Presentation of AMFI International programs, main activities and Staff


Day 2 – Focus on

  • The importance of STEM education  

  • STEM Initiatives: 100Kin10 


Day 3 – PBL

  • Blended Learning, PBL (Project-Based Learning) for students 

  • STEM classroom teaching and learning resources 


Day 4 – A New CV

  • A new STEM based CV 

  • Promoting STEM and building local partnerships 


Day 5 – Teachers & Students

  • Engaging teachers and students in using STEM 

  • Guidance to students on STEM 

  • A real action plan 


Day 6 – A New Classroom 

  • Workshop: Rethink your classroom according to STEM 

  • Conclusions, Week Review and Evaluation 


Day 7 – Departure day

  • Departure of participants


If you are a group of 4 or more people we can organize the course when suits you best.


- Language used: English. 

To receive more info please contact us at


STEM education is becoming so important, I needed a well structured course and AMFI was just great. Thank you!


I loved this course. It gave me a lot of info that I will be using in my daily practice. 


I enjoyed this course. I got the chance to speak to several of my Italian colleagues and exchange good practices, as well.

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