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6 Teachers from Lithuania for the project "Know Before Judging" 2017-1-LT01-KA102-034899

The project “Know Before Judging” was promoted within the Erasmus+ Programme and organized by “Aukstadvaris Agricultural School”, in cooperation with AMFI INTERNATIONAL, from November 6th to 11th 2017.

The 6 teachers involved had a very rich programme of activities aimed at learning the following:

  • how to classify an intercultural class

  • how to recognize conflict

  • how to solve intercultural conflict

  • draft an interculturality plan

  • program an intercultural day at school

  • Byram’s model of intercultural competency

  • what Italian schools are doing to guarantee inclusion

  • the rules of inclusion

  • Individualize vocational training process

  • Motive students, especially from natural minorities, using improved educational, psychological and communication with students skills

They got familiar with different theories related to interculturality, such as Byram's Model of Intercultural Understanding and got the chance to visit 6 different schools, where they were able to talk to their colleagues in Italy and observe their methodologies to approach to intercultural understanding. They also visited the association Rindertimi, where they met boys and girls who arrived to Italy by boat from Libya.

During this period participants got familiar with the staff and locals of the hosting organization AMFI - Agenzia per la Mobilità e la Formazione Internazionale. Participants achieved project’s main goal: to improve vocational training teachers’ abilities of giving lectures and managing classes, where are national minorities’ students, to encourage tolerance and to diminish racism and discrimination in schools.

At the end of their Training Programme, participants received a Certificate of Attendance.

Thank you to “Aukstadvaris Agricultural School” for our long time cooperation and to all the partners who have allowed us to visit them.

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