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Vilnius School of Public Utilities, in cooperation with AMFI International, is coordinating an Erasmus+

KA1 project No. 2022-1-LT01-KA121-VET-000054502, which gave the possibility for 2 workmen

students, welder and decorator (builder) to deepen their professional knowledge and skills in Italy.

The mobility was implemented from May 8 to May 25, 2023.

The main goal of the implemented mobility: to improve learners' professional skills in real

workplaces in foreign companies in order to achieve competitive in the labor market.

This Erasmus+ mobility experience let participants to deepen their knowledge and skills in workmen

professional field. Welder improved his abilities to weld constructional elements in various seams

and decorator (builder) got practical skills to perform various renovation works.

Mobility is not only for professional, but also for a personal development, therefore participants

were able to get in touch with the Italian culture and lifestyle.

If you want to organize your mobility programme with AMFI as Vilnius School of Public Utilities, send

an email with your project details to


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