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Reaching Success Through the Erasmus+ Project "Additional Package of Knowledge"

Aukstadvaris Agricultural School has coordinated an Erasmus+ KA1 project called "Additional Package of Knowledge". The Erasmus+ project gave 6 graduates of cook-waiter profession from Lithuania to work in restaurants and bars of Celano, Italy from from June 25th to July 12, 2018. The mobility has been organized and managed by AMFI International.

The Erasmus+ project gave the participants the possibility to deepen their knowledge and skills getting in touch with the Italian culture and lifestyle. They were able to increase their competitiveness by acquiring real workplace experience and specific professional competences.

MAIN GOAL: to provide graduates with the possibilities to acquire real work place experience, practical professional skills and competences in order to increase employment opportunities and competitiveness in the labor market.

AMFI International was able to organize such a programme thanks to the collaboration of several local partners:

  • Carlino 2.0

  • Pasticceria Il Castello

  • Bar Il Chiosco

  • Il Baretto Dietro Castello

During their stay in Italy, graduates who held a job as cooks or waiters learnt how to:

  • set the table;

  • deal and negotiate with customers;

  • work in team working and observing their colleagues.

  • Prepare meals, which contains fish or seafood.

  • Decorate and prepare tables for fish or seafood dishes.

  • organize a small business

  • Cooking Italian meals

This time was life changing for the students and positive for AMFI, as its staff gained even greater experience from hosting such good students fromAukstadvaris Agricultural School. Therefore, we hope that the cooperation with this Lithuanian institution will be able to strengthen and continue through time.

If you want to organize your mobility programme with AMFI as Aukstadvaris Agricultural School, send an email with your project details to

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