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Call for Partners Erasmus+ KA1- VET


Erasmus plus KA1 - VET Mobility

Applicant Organisation:


Project Name:

Advanced skills for Handicraft jobs – Handj

Description of the project:

Today, our socio-economic environment favors social media, networks and multimedia channels as means to deal with the various social, economic and cultural activities; thus, it becomes fundamental to acquire expertise and specific skills in managing operating systems and web sites. Acquiring digital and communication skills is becoming especially fundamental in the wake of the Digital Nomad Phenomenon requiring young people to be up and running in different workplaces that are completely virtual but still productive, being this also a way to guarantee greater professional efficiency and reliability. The handicraft sector, chosen for this project, is a field in which internet technology can have a truly positive impact. In fact, a training targeting small businesses can help handicraft trade in Europe and worldwide by promoting products within the new boundless e-commerce world. The project wants to represent an opportunity for groups of young people from different countries who have a professional qualification within the handicraft sector. In fact, they will be able to acquire fundamental skills in the field of digital business, communication, and marketing through internships and job shadowing/observation activities that should be implemented during individual cross-border mobility actions. Therefore, the main purpose of this project is to expand the knowledge and skills, including transversal ones, of young people who want to promote their products and goods by lowering their business costs through using virtual and internationalized means.

Thus, AMFI promotes a project in which young people from partner countries can be trained in an informal learning environment in the field they have chosen for their professional training: handicraft. The project consists in organizing individual mobilities with internships and trainings, which can take place thanks to each partner’s collaboration in organizing sending, hosting, procurement and coordination of internship activities.

Target group of the project:

Young people aged between 18 and 27 years old possessing a professional qualification in handicraft.

Requested Partners:

Schools and vocational training institutions; associations; local authorities; companies; etc ... of the following countries: Italy, Malta, Germany, UK; Spain; Please No Intermediary Organisation.

Note for partners:

If you are interested to become partner organization in our project please send us to the following documents:

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