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I'm Makhsudjon Kayumov, I am 21 and my home country is Uzbekistan. I'm a sophomore BA student at the School of Business and Finance in Riga, Latvia.

It is a common phenomenon that in my age most student are required to do and internship and here they are faced with a remarkable problem: Where to go and how to find an internship? The same happened to me. I wanted to find the best offer ever, and I was willing to find such a place where people would be kind, caring, where I would have an opportunity to travel and discover myself and a new world. Moreover, I wanted to gain a great experience in the field of marketing and challenge myself in a various tasks which I had never fulfilled before. During the last two years, I have been simply studying and passing exams, mostly theoretic stuff. Now, I felt it was about time to practice! So, I started to look for an internship programme where I would be able to combine all the above mentioned aspects and spend a nice summer with new friends.

I came across AMFI International which fitted all my criteria. It is located in a very beautiful city named Celano. By the way, it is almost in the heart of Italy, so a person can easily travel to all the major cities in the country. People here are always smiling and kindly answering to all my questions. On the first day my tutor explained me everything, and I was informed that there will be not only work, but also different cultural activities. To make this long story short, AMFI and Celano are the perfect due for those who want to work hard and enjoy the beauty of nature in a romantic Italian atmosphere.

I'm in the middle of a fairytale, and I hope that this feeling won't vanish. I have already made new friends here at AMFI through a youth exchange they organized! How cool is that? Here fun and professional match beautifully, and I love it! :)

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