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Call for Partners Erasmus+ KA3


Erasmus plus KA3 - Support for Policy Reform Dialogue between young people and policy makers.

Applicant Organisation:


Project Name:


Description of the project:

The theme of mobility amonge the youth is at the heart of the European politicies and the Erasmus plus program, it takes on a particular meaningful characteristic when it comes to dialogue between the youth and the policy makers. The dialogue becomes even more interesting when it often highlights an existence of a paradox between the European policies aimed at promoting transnational mobility and political and social difficulties related to the theme of emigration /immigration. Therefore, the central theme is linked to the concept of ‘movement’ from one country to another, particularly the issue of immigration linked to the search for employment and thus improving the qualityof life. The project aims at giving an opportunity for youth groups from different countries to dicuss problematize and contextualize the principles underlying Europe to define European citizenship as an oppotunity for individuals from a personal, professional and social point of view. The youth form and grow within the formal and informal training system and live within the reality training and professional disciplines and at times more satifying. ‘Moving to work’ becomes a trait that distinguishes the European Youth today, each with a personal story of life.

AMFI promote a project in which youth from partner countries can meet and discuss the different motivations that led young emigrants / immigrants to move to work, renovating and reformulating their own lifestyle. The purpose of the project is to promote discussion and reflection on the issue of emigration / immigration through innovative methods of non-formal education. Groups of participants will be asked to collect life stories, analyzing them from a motivational point of view, professional staff and prepare, finally, the material to be presented at the Transnational Seminar, which will last four days, with the participation of not only the youth involved but also political representatives of each partner country. The purpose of the seminar will be to produce a document that will be delivered to policy makers who, in turn, will make spokesperson within EU framework. The project will involve youth from Italy and other European countries, will last 12 months and will end with a seminar Transnational lasting 4 days.

Target group of the project:

Youth between 18 and 30 years;

Working language:

English – all participants have to be able to communicate using English language.


The project covers 100% of food and accommodation and the travel costs according to the budget expected for kilometers.

Note for partners:

If you are interested to become partner organization in our project please send us to the following documents:

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