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Call for Partners Erasmus+ KA1- EVS


Erasmus plus KA1 - European Volountary Service

Applicant Organisation:


Project Name:

"Yourope: Youth for Europe"

Description of the project:

One of the major issues plaguing the Marsica area in Italy is the absence of a direct contact between the youth and the European Union. In fact, younger generations do not receive the necessary information about the EU neither by the school nor by local organizations and public administrations. This causes them to feel excluded from the rest of Europe without having any reference on work, study, and vocational training possibilities they could engage in. This project is meant to reverse this trend. Our objective is to allow ten volunteers from the Marsica area between 20-30 years of age to get trained within experienced youth organizations in all of Europe. Through this experience, we want volunteers to get knowledgeable about EU youth policies and opportunities so that they will be willing and able to reinvest their acquired know-how in their own territory by working for an already well-set organization, by creating one from scratch, or by developing their own business plan.

Requested Partners:

Youth organizations also working as information point on european policies for the youth in your country.

Note for partners:

If you are interested to become partner organization in our project please send to the following documents:



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