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Today is the departure day of all the participants to the Youth Exchange project imPARIamo on gender stereotypes and gender equality, promoted and funded under the Erasmus + - Youth Mobility program, and managed by AMFI - Agenzia per la Mobilità e la Formazione Internazionale.

This cultural exchange has involved seventy young participants between 14 and 30 years of age from Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia. On the streets of the city center were organized a series of activities, including workshops and creative workshops on the theme of abating gender stereotypes and promote equal opportunities.

Participants got involved with enthusiasm and participation in sports and orienteering activities, reading sessions, games, traditional cooking classes and an interesting photocontest. The staff organized also some excursions taking advantage of the Natural Regional Park Sirente-Velino. The project "imPARIamo" reached an important goal: it has given voice to relevant topics that have an increasingly strong social impact, most notably that of gender equality, the eradication of prejudices and taboos that are still afflicting contemporary society, laying the foundations for a constructive dialogue between young Europeans.

AMFI wants to extend its sincere thank you to all those who have actively collaborated in the management of the activities.

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