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ALEVTYNA: Ukrainian Testimonial of #imPARIamo2016 for the European Youth Community

Today we would like to tell you something about the Italian experience of “EYC”! We are glad to have back the members of our organization “European Youth CommunityAlevtyna Chupryna, Kate Tsatouryan, Maxim Lyushan from sunny Italy where they took part to the youth exchange program "ImPARIamo". Alevtyna, Katya and Maxim came back inspired and happy and are ready to share their emotions and inspiration. "The program was held this past June in the small, picturesque Italian town of Celano. The organizers chose gender equality as project topic. 70 young people coming from Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia talked about the rights of men and women in their countries. We also participated in workshops and discussions about the role of modern youth in the society of each country. In addition, participants prepared presentations about famous women in their countries. All the participants of the project, also organized evening events to celebrate and share their culture, enjoying tasty food, folk dances, while learning new words from foreign languages. Of course, we presented our beloved Ukraine. We are happy that everyone enjoyed our Ukrainian party. We would like to thank the Italian organization AMFI and all the participants from other countries for a wonderful experience and for the priceless knowledge that we have gained."

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