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6 Lithuanian Graduates in Italy for the Project “Diploma Supplement"!

From July 2 to July 21, 2017 AMFI International hosted a delegation of 6 Lithuanian graduates from Kaisiadorys School of Business and Technology, who were vocational training graduates for cook-waiter and small business services provider professions.

“Diploma Supplement" No. 2017-1-LT01-KA102-034837 whose main goal was to give the students a chance to experience first-hand work experience in line with their course of study with the greater objective of improving their opportunities and competitiveness.

Those graduates held a job as cooks and waiters, learned how to prepare dishes containing seafood and serve them properly to customers. While those who worked in small business learned to organize and plan small businesses for tourists and recreational activities, as well as how to communicate properly with clients.

All in all, this experience allowed all the participants to measure themselves not only with new professional skills but also with a new language, being able to master English as first language of communication but also basic Italian. We were pleased to receive and to supervise the graduates because they were very motivated and professional. Participants really tried to understand and discover as much as possible about everything around them.

AMFI International thanks all those restaurants and businesses in Celano that opened their enterprise to the graduates, allowing them to actively participate and gain real hands on experience which will represent a life-long benefit for them.

If you want to take part in such programmes with AMFI International, please contact Elena Venditti, Incoming Coordinator at

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