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New Project "Panorama of EU Skills" Managed for Elektrenai Vocational Training Centre, Lit

Elektrenai Vocational Training Centre has coordinated an Erasmus+ KA1 project called "Panorama of EU Skills". 7 students and 1 accompanying teacher from the Lithuanian institution worked in restaurants, bars and pastries of Celano, Italy from from February 23 to March 16, 2019. The mobility has been organized and managed by AMFI International.

The Erasmus+ project gave the participants, who are studying to become cook-waiters, the possibility to deepen their knowledge and skills getting in touch with the Italian culture and lifestyle. They were able to increase their competitiveness by acquiring real workplace experience and specific professional competences.

MAIN GOAL: To improve professional skills and competences of vocational training students at workplaces, to educate their practical skills at real work situations.

AMFI International was able to organize such a programme thanks to the collaboration of several local partners:



  • UGO




During the internship students acquired abilities to prepare traditional Italian dishes and to serve them. Specifically, they:

  • Learned how to prepare traditional Italian starters;

  • Learned how to prepare traditional Italian prime dishes;

  • Learned recipes of various traditional Italian dishes and how to make them, prepare their ingredients;

  • Learned how to prepare traditional Abruzzo region dishes;

  • Learned how to prepare traditional Lazio region dishes;

  • Got known to different types of cheese and their usage in dishes preparation;

  • Were introduced to usage of various local vegetables;

  • Prepared and served tables with tablecloth, napkins, flatware, glasses and other settings;

  • Got skills and knowledge on how to take orders working together with the restaurant employee and on their own;

  • Got skills how to serve meals and drinks for customers;

  • Furthermore, they had the possibility to serve customers in English and Italian and to face new situations and problems.

Therefore, we hope that the cooperation with this Lithuanian institution will be able to strengthen and continue through time.

If you want to organize your mobility programme with AMFI as Elektrenai Vocational Training Centre, send an email with your project details to

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