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From October 5th to October 24th, 2022 AMFI hosted a combined group students from Elektrėnai

Vocational Training Centre and Šilutė Vocational Training Centre, Lithuania. The Erasmus+ KA1

project No. 2021-1-LT01-KA121-VET-000005876 gave 10 students of various professions from the

Lithuanian institutions the possibility to deepen their knowledge and skills, getting in touch with the

Italian culture and lifestyle.

Main goal of the internship was to improve the competencies of learners in foreign business

enterprises in order to achieve competitiveness in the global labor market. Students of social worker

assistant, sports organization activity administrator, decorator (builder), bookkeeper and auto-

technician used the possibilities to improve their professional skills and increase the competitiveness

by acquiring real workplace experience in Italy and developing professional competences.


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